The Agency for Sustainable Management of Agricultural Landscape

our partners
We consider ourselves to be your suitably
experienced partner for contacts and co-operation with Government Departments, Regional Authorities, the Department of Agriculture,national and
inter-regional research-
institutes, agricultural associations, communities, farmers and the private sector where agricultural interests, utilisation of land or its up or downstream economies are concerned.

our objective

...envisaging improvement of the sustainable development of rural areas and the quality of life of the population

...being committed to a multi-functional
agricultural ideal, the objective of which is the efficient, sustainable utilisation and management of soil and water and other environmental resources.
Apart from the production and marketing of food, animal feeds and raw materials, we offer solutions for the protection and retaining of natural resources, taking care of the cultivated land and the preservation of bio-diversity.


our expertise

...making available our knowledge and experience in the field in form of service and research performance.

...contributing either via the development or the evaluation of production processes towards improving the quality of agricultural products. By creating evaluation processes and monitoring tools for agriculture, we contribute towards transparency in the
field of agricultural production.
These contributions facilitate the balance of interests between agriculture and nature and environmental conservation and pursuit of common social targets.


our range
...our scientifically trained team has long-standing experience in project work. It is competent and experienced in the following fields:
  • management of material flow
  • Production and utilisation of renewable resources

  • Biotechnology, plant cultivation and experimental farming science

  • Agricultural ecology and eco
  • -farming
  • Development and application of sustainability indicators for the evaluation of environmental compatibility related to farming operations and processes

  • Protection of resources with the emphasis on soil and water

  • Development of viable and environment

  • friendly cultivation processes

  • Providing eco
  • -viability studies
  • Application of geographical information systems

  • Information management and public relations work utilising new media, the internet and data banks