Commitment and competence

The aim of ANNA's philosophy, carried out by a team of dedicated men and women, is the promotion of a sustainable development of farming practices.
Soil and water should be used efficiently and farming operations carried out with the aim of sustainability. The role of agriculture is seen to be multifunctional. Apart from the production and distribution of food, animal feeds and raw materials we provide solutions for the protection and Sustainable Development of natural resources, care of the cultivated land and maintaining bio-diversity.
A specific aim of our activities is the improvement of the quality of life of the rural people, taking into consideration socio-economic and ecological aspects.

We focus on the direct practical application of applied research.
We apply this philosophy to the following fields of activity:

Preparation of (research) projects and studies

  • Providing expert opinions
  • Preparation and submission of project applications
  • Organisation and training at
    workshops and seminars on the relevant subjects
  • Sourcing and making available data and information via the
  • Implementation and supervision of experimental field work.

We have expert experience in the following fields:

  • Development of innovative agricultural production processes
  • High quality standards in plant production
  • Cultivation and life cycle analysis of renewable resources
  • Resource protection with the emphasis on soil and water
  • Incorporating the aims of the natural and cultivated environment in practical farming applications

  • Development and applications of indicators and processes for the evaluation of the environmental compatibility of agricultural industries
  • Providing scientific publications and public relations work
  • Technology transfer via networking of interested parties through the internet.
  • Application of geographical information systems for the documentation and processing of information on geographical regions.